Rats and birds, cockroaches and ants – while the occasional pest may not seem like a big problem, they can be a sign of a bigger, underlying problem for your business.

These pests can cause issues for your business from the inside out. Termites and ants might nest their way through walls, foundations and cabinetry. Rodents and birds could spread nasty germs and leave an unsightly mess. While mosquitos and flies (an all too common nuisance in our Queensland weather) can cause more than a sting to the reputation of your business.

For any smart and savvy business owner, it is essential to have a professional pest expert inspect your property and prevent pest problems on a regular basis.

Our expert pest control technicians and Brisbane Termite and Pest Control understand the concerns your concerns and provide tailored services for every type of business, from cafes and pubs to gyms and retailers.

We offer services for:

Cafés, restaurants and pubs

Residential complexes and estates

Offices, warehouses and workshops

Health care facilities, including retirement villages

Hotels and guest accommodation

Retailers and other commercial operations

But do I really need regular pest management and inspections?

The short answer is ‘YES’! Having your business serviced by a professional pest control expert is one of the most important factors for success, because:

DIY solutions are not always enough! Sometimes the problem is much bigger than meets the eye

Pests post real health threats for your staff and customers

Structural and aesthetic damages can pile up, costing you thousands in repairs.

How much will a pest control professional cost?

Commercial pest control treatment and prevention is a worthwhile investment. An inspection and prevention plan can range in the mid hundreds, while a treatment plan may be slightly more expensive, depending on the extent of your pest problem.

But what could cost you even more are the damage and repair bills to your business if the problem gets out of hand, let alone lost sales and opportunities! So keep your walls, foundations, carpeting and cabinetry safe by investing in a long-term pest control plan.

Protect your reputation

Your business’s reputation and image are the most important factors for success. From customer service to product and service quality, communication to health and safety – provide the best experience for your customers by calling in Brisbane Termite and Pest Control to pest-proof your business.

Call your pest control expert from Brisbane Termite and Pest Control today for a customised quote on services for your business!


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