Brisbane Termite and Pest Control offer professional-grade disinfecting for businesses and residential properties all around Brisbane. Give your family, customers, and staff peace of mind knowing that they are in a safe and healthy environment!

Safe Work Australia recommends following a two-step process that includes both cleaning and disinfecting to reduce exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Cleaning involves the physical removal of germs, dirt and organic matter from surfaces and equipment. You probably already do this everyday by vacuuming, sweeping and wiping.

Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

By carrying out both cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis, you can reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses being passed around in your workplace.

But why call a professional?

Household disinfecting products can only do so much. We recommend that you have your workplace professionally disinfected routinely to maintain health and safety practices.

Brisbane Termite and Pest Control use a high performance, biodegradable spray that disinfects surfaces from microbial contaminants. Unlike many other professional grade disinfectants, the products we use are low hazard solutions, meaning that they can be used in and around homes, medical facilities, and food stations.

In fact, a professional disinfecting spray, like the one we use, has been proven in labs to kill 99.99% of all germs in just 1 minute!

And as for any chemicals left behind? The products we use break down quickly and harmlessly into water and oxygen, making it safe for people, pets and the environment.

How often should I have my property professionally disinfected?

Different areas around your home or workspace need to be cleaned and disinfected at different frequencies. That’s why it’s best to speak to a professional about your specific situation.

We recommend that businesses and workplaces have their surfaces professionally disinfected on a routine basis, to reduce a build up of germs that may lead to a bigger health problem down

the line.

However for day-to-day routines, it is recommended that surfaces be cleaned at least once a day, with special attention given to more frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and light switches. Ideally, these surfaces should be disinfected regularly with a household disinfecting solution too.

Speak to a professional for a high grade disinfecting solution. Brisbane Termite and Pest Control are the experts at eliminating unwanted pests and germs from your property!

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