Ants Invading Your Home

Summer comes and so do the ants: invading your pantry, covering your pet’s food bowl and swarming on your kitchen bench. Ants may be small, but they are intelligent, foraging, colony-constructing, and (most of all) annoying insects. Some ant species have a nasty bite and can make your backyard an uninviting place for bare feet, pets and young family members. While home remedies may deter the little critters at first, home-jobs are not effective in the medium to long run. Different ant species require different treatments to effectively control and eradicate their colonies. At Brisbane Termite and Pest Control, we have a range of options to stop swarms in their tracks during those hot and humid months.  


The first step to ant proofing your property is booking an inspection with one of our pest control experts. Before we can treat the infestation, one of our exterminators has to identify the species of ant. From there we can develop an action plan that is tailed to the species, the needs of your property, and to the needs of your family.  


Ant baits are an ingestible form of poison that provide powerful ant control inside and outside the home. Our exterminators place solid or gel ant baits around feeding and trailing sites. These baits are sometimes contained and distributed to the ants via ‘ant cafes’ or baiting stations. Oil, protein or sugar baits attract different species of ants; this means it is vital that a professional identifies the species of ant for optimal results. Our pest professionals often use a two-pronged approach for more effective ant control; this approach uses both baits and sprays.  


Previously, spray treatments worked by acting as a repellent that deterred ants, but this treatment doesn’t eradicate the nest. Today, our advanced insecticides are now able to attach themselves to foraging ants when they pass through treated zones. This means that the ants carry the poison back to the nest, which helps to manage and eradicate the colony itself.  


Insecticidal dust can give rapid results. These dusts are used in voids and often within roofs. The product is applied along ant trails, crevices and around the nest to eradicate ants in difficult spaces.  

If ants are swarming your property contact one of our pest professionals for an inspection and quote. We can help you keep those painful pests away this summer season.  

Brisbane Termite & Pest Control can inspect and treat ants on your property. Call our friendly team on 1300 254 557 (2 KILL PEST)