In many suburbs, winter can bring about unprecedented infestations, with humans and rodents alike seeking warmer places. The end of winter does not always send pests away,
rodents are known to linger. Rather all year round home and business owners should be on guard. With their quick breeding cycles, sometimes the smallest intruders can cause
the most extensive damage to your property if left unattended. Common house mice and rats can carry disease and parasites, contaminating your food and living spaces. The first step to maintaining the cleanliness of your property is knowing the signs of infestation. All home and business owners should keep a watchful
eye for these warning signs.

1. Droppings
The first and most common sign of rodents in the home is droppings. Rats and mice leave trails of pellets in their feeding and nesting areas, such as in drawers, pantries, and
under sinks.

2. Tracks & Rub Marks
Rodents are creatures of habit, they will often use the same paths or “runways” around a space. This means that they may leave tracks or rub marks. Rub marks are smudgy
stains that are left on an area from the repetitive passage of rodents, from their grime and urine.

3. Gnawing Damage
A more obvious sign of an infestation is gnawing marks. While largely found on food packagings, gnaw marks may also be identified on cables, furniture or on the building’s
structure itself. By looking at the size of the gnaw marks you can identify whether rats or mice are the perpetrators.

4. Nests
Just like humans in the cooler months, rodents seek out warmer places to make their nests. Typical nesting spots include between walls, around warm pipes, in ceiling insulation or in basements. Burrows are often formed from the shreds of scavenged materials, such as fabric, organic matter or insulation. Check inside your ceiling with a flashlight and look out for the distinct indentation that is formed in insulation from repeated nesting and passage.

5. Odour
Most unmistakably of all is the strong odour that may develop from longstanding infestations. This urine odour is strongest around the main dwelling spots.

6. Noises
In some instances clawing or scratching noise may be audibly emanating from your walls or ceiling. In particular, brown rats have nails that may make a distinct and loud scratching sound.
If you have any number of the above warning signs, action should be taken sooner rather than later. With the quick breeding cycles of rodents, a few unwanted tenants can quickly turn into many. One of our professional pest technicians can inspect and identify the more subtle signs.

The best defence is a good offence, and that’s why our technicians also give you a prevention plan to help secure you from the future reoccurrence of infestations. And that is why our inspection process includes the identification of key rodent entry points. To achieve proper and long-lasting results, our technicians are able to identify the entry points, runways and nests. Knowledge is the key to acting effectively and not just applying band-aid solutions. At the end of your inspection, you will be presented with recommendations in your pest control report from one of our technicians. Whether commercial or residential, we tailor our services to your space. A treatment plan will be advised to you outlining the required steps to gain control of the
infestation of rodents. Some of the methods commonly used are baits, traps and tracking powders. Our service can also include advanced monitoring devices and motion sensor cameras, which can be implemented at your business premises to monitor rodent activity. Our treatments are effective, safe and discreet to get your space pest free and worry free as soon as possible. Contact one of our friendly team now for a free-of-charge and freeof-hassle pest control quote.



Chiara Stegert