[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Queensland is a hot spot for termite activity. Termites thrive in the warmer temperatures and higher levels of humidity, putting many Queensland homes (both old and new) at risk of these unwanted guests moving in.

But it’s not just timber that termites love to munch away at. They are just as happy to eat their way through furniture, paper products, fabrics, clothing and even insulation.

So, what can you do to protect your family home from termites?

Check the perimeter of your home for termite highways: shrubs and garden beds should be clear of the building edge as these provide a pathway for termites to move directly into your home. This goes for mulch and bark used for garden beds too.

Don’t leave objects leaning against walls that also touch the ground: unused materials, especially loose timber, can attract termites and provide the perfect location for their nests. Any woodpiles should be kept off the ground, so you can see the mud trails left behind by the termites if they attack the timber.

Have a professional conduct an annual termite inspection: it is recommended that you have your property inspected for termites on a regular basis. Your pest control expert will check your property inside and out for signs of termite activity and identify any risks that may encourage these unwanted guests to move in.

If you’re buying a new home, conduct a pre-purchase termite inspection: all new properties in Australia are required to have a pre-purchase termite inspection. This ensures that your property isn’t in danger of any present or future termite damage. Having one completed by a licensed pest professional can save you time and money if any problems arise in the future.

Fix any moisture problems: termites are attracted to damp environments. Reduce moisture and humidity in any crawlspaces, and fix any problems like poor drainage, leaking pipes, inadequate ventilation or blocked weep holes.

If you suspect any termite activity in or around your property, it is critical that you do not disturb these unwanted guests! They may just decide to relocate to a different part of your house, making it very difficult to find and eliminate them.

If you have found termite activity on your property, or want to prevent them from moving in, call our termite experts at Brisbane Termite and Pest Control today!

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