Terminating Termites – Your Treatment Options

If termites have been identified in your home, colony control should be performed by one of our pest technicians. This is the first step to regaining control of your property. There are three different methods of colony control within your home:

1. Foaming
Foam is sprayed into the wall cavities and directly onto the termite affected woodwork. This foam is safe and environmentally friendly, so you, your family, and any furry friends, can rest easy.

2. Termite Dusting
Pesticide dust is inserted and dispersed into the affected area using through drilled holes. This dust attaches itself to the termites and is then carried onto the other members of the colony.

3. Baiting Stations (above ground)
Acting as a feeding station, baiting stations are filled with a pesticide that attracts the termites. These baits are attached to walls or other key areas inside the home.
Once the active termites have been controlled inside, it’s time to think about the outside of your home. For there to be an infestation in your home, there is most likely a termite nest in close proximity. Termite nests can either be in the form of a mud mound on the ground or a mud nest in a tree. We highly recommend that one of our technicians treats your external surroundings, so your home is secured in the long run. Our treatments are quality assured, and warranty available*. There are two main forms of external termite control:

1. Chemically Treated Zones
Pesticide Chemical treated zones are placed around the external parameters of your house. The products we use are ‘transfer-poisons’. Undetectable to termites, the poisons are transmitted onto the insects once they come into a treated zone. This means that this technique requires some trenching along house footings and occasionally drilling into concrete areas. However, while some competitors may not take care of your landscaping, we will make sure your yard is left pristine.

2. Baiting Systems
Baiting stations are placed around your property in key feeding locations surround your home. Like the internal stations, these feeding stations attract the termites and poison them, killing off the colony. While there are many baiting systems on the market, our technicians only use the best for total termite elimination.

Act today and terminate your termites by contacting one of our pest professionals. With our credited and highly trained technicians, your property will be in safe hands. Take the first step and regain control of your property with the help of our technicians.