When buying a house there are a lot of checks you should make, one should be organizing a Pre purchase pest inspection The last thing you want to happen is that you purchase a house then find out there is damage that has been made by a termite infestation. When termites infest the home they start from the ground and like feeding on wood such as your support timbers. If left untreated they can spread throughout your home to wooden doors, windows, and floors which can then be difficult to repair if the termites have been left too long. 

Why Buyers Should Have An Inspection Carried Out

Before you purchase your home you should request a pre purchase pest inspection be carried out. This is to ensure that the house is in the best condition before going through with the final sale. If your inspection shows that there are termites in the home this could alter your buying decision or be a good bargaining tool to negotiate on price as you will need to factor in the costs of extermination and any lasting damage caused.

What Happens During An Inspection?

So once you have organized an inspection, the inspector will visit the said property and will check every room including closets, cabinets, toilets, basement, and roof void. They will search for typical signs of infestations such as leaking pipes and moisture-damaged wood. They will also pay close attention to door frames and slightly raised paint or wallpaper, soft spot in linoleum flooring, and window sills. They will also inspect crawl spaces which will include checking beams, floor joints, fireplace foundation, and pipes. The inspection will also be held outside the property and an examination of the exterior structure will begin. This entails checking the windows, eaves, guttering, and frames.

Once the inspection is complete, they will then list any damage they have found and make informed recommendations as to whether the structure needs treatment or not. If termites are found underground the inspector will recommend you start treatment immediately even if there is not yet any evidence of infestation to the main structure of the house. In most cases it would be the responsibility of the current owners to sort out any necessary treatment if they decide not to you can implement the costs during your negotiation talks. If the current owners do decide to get an inspector to carry out the necessary works then make sure you request an inspection report.

Why You Should Address Termite Damage Quickly

When it is confirmed that there is damage from termites in your potential home, you should act quickly. Damage to the structure or plumbing of the house can be dangerous so getting it sorted is imperative to the health of your home. Termites which remain undetected for years, so if you have only just discovered them it doesn’t mean they are new to your home. Termites can live for up to two years but in that time they will likely breed so your home could have been infected for much longer. 

What Is In An Inspection Report

An inspection report is more than just a confirmation of termite activity. The report will detail the amount of damage caused and could potentially be caused if not treated. It might list what could have caused the infestation such as water leaks, cracks, wood that’s stacked against the house, etc. They might refer back to previous infestations the home might have had and then they will conclude the report with steps on how to treat your termite problem effectively and safely. 

Now you can see why it is so important to have the necessary checks carried out when buying your home. Many sellers might try and conceal the fact they know about a current pest problem this is why it is so important that you take charge and request your own inspection is carried out. You should treat it like any other survey you would do when buying a house. It is better to be safe and spend the little extra money now than be caught off guard later down the line and have a hefty sum to pay out to sort out the damage that could have been avoided.

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