Insects are a common problem for all lawns. Even if you tend to them well, there are seasons where grub and pests can propagate quickly. Our services help reduce the damage and prevent these insects from spreading. There needs to be a treatment that can work on both the surface and below your lawn.

Our lawn grub control service uses quality products that are proven to work. Queensland often experiences this destructive problem, commonplace throughout the region. It’s crucial to act fast as these pests can destroy your lawn in a few weeks. Contact us and avail of our services as soon as possible.

Dealing With Grubs and Pests

Lawn grubs become more commonplace during the end of summer or early fall. More reports concerning them begin from around mid-November, and they last until the end of March. That’s enough time to do significant damage as they feed on your green grass. It takes only a few weeks before you notice severe damage.

Our treatment stops their life cycle and prevents them from propagating further. We eliminate all pests on the lawn so you can have peace of mind. Not only that, but our services also come with a service warranty. That way, you also have financial protection in case an issue arises. Lawn Fanatics is here in your best interest.

Lawn Fanatic: Your Experts in Pest Control

Brisbane Termite & Pest Control is a licensed company ready to provide all your grass solutions. We want to educate you and minimize the problems your lawn experiences. Our pest control services ensure a healthier lawn and better conditions throughout the year.

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