Fire Ants are a biosecurity Hazard for Brisbane

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New measures have been introduced from 27th May 2020. In an effort to fight against the spread of Imported red fire ants, biosecurity regulation 2016 has been amended. Brisbane Termite & Pest Control in collaboration with Biosecurity can assist your business in adhering to this new regulation.

Brisbane Fire Ant Treatment Specialists


New Measures introduced apply from 27th May 2020

Key Changes:

  1. Fire Ant biosecurity zones have changed from 3 down to 2 zones.
  2. New soil movement guidelines. (Refer to Biosecurity)
  3. Updated risk management mitigation guidelines (Refer to Biosecurity)

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Fire ant treatment is essential in eradicating these aggressive and highly-adaptive ‘super-pests’ that are well-equipped for survival. It is required that property owners in Queensland report suspected sightings of fire ants on their property to Biosecurity Queensland or they may face heavy fines.

Sites We Can Treat

  • Commercial
  • Development Sites
  • Civil Sites
  • Sporting fields
  • Residential

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are dangerous, imported pests that have been found in Brisbane and surrounding areas. They inflict a painful, fiery sting, which can, in rare cases, cause a severe allergic reaction. They have the possibility to spread to large areas of Australia and damage the environment, our outdoor lifestyle, and agriculture.

Fire ants range between 2-6mm and come in an unusual variety of sizes within one nest. They are a coppery-brown color with darker abdomens.

Nests have no obvious entry or exit holes and often appear as dome-shaped mounds. Usually, they are found in open areas such as lawns, footpaths, garden beds, near taps, and in utility pits. Additionally, nests can also be found next to- or under other objects on the ground, including timber, logs, rocks, and pavers. The disturbed ground may be a giveaway of a fire ant nest.

Fire Ant Treatment

Brisbane Termite and Pest Control use a specialised bait for fire ant treatment around your property. This bait is distributed across the exterior of your property, where foraging fire ants takes it back to their nest.

Fire ant treatment bait may be fast-acting, with chemicals commonly found in cockroach baits or flea collars, or slow-acting, similar to mosquito control programs. Both of these baits are low-toxicity and when used appropriately, are not harmful to humans or most vertebrate animals.

Fast-acting baits will reduce nest activity in one to four weeks and eliminate the nest soon after. The active ingredient is carried through the colony via worker ants and delivered to larvae and queens.

Slow acting bait disrupts the reproductive cycle of the queen, preventing larvae from maturing into adult fire ants. This process takes approximately two to 6 months.


Direct Nest Injection

Fire Ants can have many nests in a small area, treating nests directly is the quickest way of eradicating Fire ant nests. This process involves injecting chemical (Fipronil) directly into the nest itself which can by up to 1 meter below the ground surface. We have a special tool to enable us to do this in a safe and effective way of treating Fire ant nests.