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It is recommended that an annual general pest control treatment is done to prevent infestations of unwanted pests in your home. Brisbane Termite & Pest Control inspect your home prior to treatment to ensure a comprehensive job is done. Our treatments are done with quality and safe products in and around your home.

Professional Pest Control Solutions

Having an accredited Pest Management Technician treat your home professionally for general pests ensures pests are managed and your home is undesirable to pests establishing themselves in and around your home. This provides complete peace of mind and we also provide 12 month after service care. Integrated pest management tips are also provided to ensure your home is pest-free all year.

Professional Pest Control Treatment

A comprehensive general pest control treatment is not as straightforward are spraying some insecticides around and hoping for the best. A professional Pest Management Technician, comprehensively inspect your home to identify any current or potential infestations and identifying any harbourage areas.

Treatment methods we use consistent of:- targeted baits, spray and dusts.

Baits – We use cockroach gel baits applied under kitchen and bathroom sink and cupboards accurately and strategically placed to target cockroaches.

Dusts – We use repellent dusts in cracks and crevices where pests like to hide, including kitchen kick-boards, around dishwashers and ovens and in the roof void area.

Spray – We use safe non-repellent spray internal and external of your home. This method has been proven to be effective to control pests in and around homes and businesses alike. The spray is designed to defend against multiple pests to ensure you are well protected.

Our Professional Accredited Pest Control Technicians will Inspect, Treat and Protect your premises against pests in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. All services are tailored to your individual requirements and our Integrated Pest Management Solutions deliver results. Your satisfaction, our guarantee.

Peace of Mind is only a phone call away.