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Are termites destroying your property? Don’t panic! Brisbane Termite and Pest Control have the termite treatment for your home. Our technicians can provide a same-day service, with a free onsite consultation of any termite activity in and around your property. 


Brisbane Termite and Pest Control will provide a comprehensive visual termite inspection and give you tailored advice on how to treat your property for any termite activity. Our technicians will take the time to explain how the termite treatment process will work and answer any questions you may have, so you won’t be left in the dark.


Every termite treatment is conducted to Australian standards (AS3660.2.2017). We guarantee our workmanship and clean up after we leave – in fact, you will hardly notice that we have even been there! Additionally, we provide up to 36 months service warranty on complete termite treated zones.

Termite Treatment Process

Our technicians will inspect your property using the latest termite detection technology and identify the species of termite that is damaging your property. We will then provide you with a comprehensive visual termite inspection report, which provides recommendations for termite treatment on your property.


Have you found a termite colony inside your home?

Termidor Foam is an effective treatment for hidden spaces and hard-to-reach building cavities. Termidor Dust has little impact on your walls, floors, and ceilings; termites are coated in the dust which moved through the colony via grooming and feeding. 


Have you found termites around your property?

Chemically treated zones can last up to eight years and focus on the exterior foundations of your home, killing termites that come into contact with the chemical in the soil. As termites pass through the chemically treated zone, they unknowingly pass it onto other members of the colony.


A chemically treated zone around your property requires trenching soil areas and drilling small holes into concrete areas on the outside of your home. Our technicians will clean up after treating your property, leaving it just as it was.


A termite baiting system is designed to create a termite interception zone around your home. Our technicians will regularly monitor the termite bait stations for you and advise if termite activity has been detected.


To install the termite baiting system, small holes are dug every three to five metres and a station inserted level to the ground. Some areas may require a small hole drilled into concrete or pavers to insert a bait station. Our technicians will discuss this with you prior to installation.

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Termidor Accredited Applicator
Termatrac Termite Detection
Termidor $2 Million Warranty

Termite Baiting System

A Termite Baiting System is designed to create a Termite interception zone around your home, this will detect Termite activity. Our professional Termite Technicians will regularly monitor the Termite bait stations for you and advise if Termites have been intercepted.

In-Ground Monitoring & Baiting System

  • To install the Termite monitoring and baiting system will require digging a small hole every 3 to 5 meters and inserting the station into the ground. The bait station will be in line with the soil level in grass or gardens so they do not protrude. In some areas, we may require core drilling a small hole into concrete or paver to insert a bait station and covering with a non-slip or steel cover. We will discuss this with you prior to cutting.
  • VIP Pest Control service is provided to ensure your home is pest-free all year with Termite Monitoring & Baiting System package.
  • You will be provided with the information pack upon and ongoing updates from each monitoring and baiting visit from the Professional Termite Technician.
  • You may also be eligible for a Termite Damage Warranty. Ask about this with the Professional Termite Technician.
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