Termite Treatment Options Brisbane

Have you just found live termites a.k.a. white ants? Do you need a termite treatment NOW? 

Brisbane Termite and Pest Control will have your property quickly and professionally treated and protected.

Termites can eat through and destroy wood, flooring and panelling in homes and businesses. This can end up significantly costing you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in damage. In fact, termites can cause more damage to homes than storms, floods and fires combined! With warm and humid climates breeding more and more termites, Termite Control Brisbane can be especially difficult without professional help because many homeowners don’t detect a termite problem until it’s rapidly spread, making it hard to contain the situation.


We believe that your property is a large investment worth protecting. That is why Brisbane Termite and Pest Control will have your property treated and under control from termite invasion for an affordable price.

With years of experience behind us, we’ve handled and helped so many homes and businesses with termite control, Brisbane. Our experts and professionals will accurately assess your situation, and use the appropriate targeted and effective termite treatments for your home or business. With this in mind, our technicians use Termidor, a leading treatment option that will keep your property termite free for years to come. 


As trusted termites Brisbane treatment experts, we will always show up on time and treat your property with respect. We are always tidy, and will clean up before we leave, meaning no messes, dirty footprints, or fingermarks left behind. Locally owned, operated, and trusted by the community, we are the right termite control Brisbane experts to protect your home or business from unwanted invasions. 


Termite Inspections

To ensure you are keeping your home or business termite free, it is crucial that you schedule regular termites Brisbane inspections. We will check your entire property, from the inside out, and alert you to any signs of termite activity or risk. We will also provide you with our best recommendations and advice on how to create effective termite barriers to keep termites at bay.


Our Termite Treatment Options

Should you be faced with a termite infestation, we will quickly recommend the best termite treatment solution depending on what is best for your situation, whilst considering your desired time frame and budget. Our main termite control Brisbane options include:


  • Foaming

Termite foaming is an effective termite treatment for hidden spaces and nests in hard-to-reach building cavities. Once injected it can expand into even the smallest crevices, efficiently coating all surfaces. It essentially smothers the termites or slowly collapses to leave a termiticide residue for a quick and direct eradication of major termite problems in both residential and commercial properties.


  • Dusting

Termiticide dusting is a long standing and extremely safe termite treatment option with little impact on your walls, floors or ceilings. In effect, termites are coated in Termidor Dust which is puffed through the galleries by termite technicians, which is taken back and moved through the colony via grooming and feeding. With over 10 years of research within Australia, this product and methodology is a reliable, faster and cheaper option with minimal mess and can eradicate termites from 2-4 weeks.


Baiting involves placing above-ground bait stations on active termite sides in and around the property. This is suitable when access to the termite nest may be obstructed and the termites must be lured out. This specific bait contains a slow working poison that ensures lots of sharing, and stops termite exoskeletons (i.e. their outer shell) from growing so that entire termite colonies can be removed. While definitely a more long haul strategy with skill and care required for success, it is an extremely powerful treatment that will guarantee the complete eradication of the colony. Effective use of this treatment can also depend on the time of year and colony size, with termite colony control slowing throughout winter.


The most effective way of keeping Termites outside of your home is by creating a Termite Treated zone around your home with Termidor. Termite barriers are the most effective way to exterminate termites in your home as well as keep new ones from breaching the treated area and causing damage to your property. A chemical barrier is created by applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. A chemical barrier is suitable for most homes or businesses and has the advantage of being implemented at any time.


We professionally install this termite treatment to Australian Standards specification by trenching and/or drilling and injecting the chemical surrounding the slab or ground of your property. Once our team is finished with carefully installing the chemical treated zone around your home, we finish the job off by cleaning up the landscaping and sealing the concrete drill holes we have made, ensuring a nice quality finish. 


We offer safe and reliable termite barriers for Brisbane homes and businesses, giving you peace of mind that your pest problem is completely taken care of from start to finish. If you’re looking for termite barrier Brisbane experts, we’ve got you covered with years of experience and knowledge. 


For more information, take the first step towards protecting your home or business and contact us, your leading termite control Brisbane experts, for a free, no-obligation quote.