Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Purchasing a property is a big investment. That’s why it is recommended that you always have a pre-purchase timber inspection (AS4349.3-2010) done before you sign on the dotted line.


Pre-purchase timer inspections ensure that your property isn’t in danger of any present or future termite damage. Having one completed by a licensed pest professional can save you time and money if any problems arise in the future.


Areas Inspected

Our technicians will conduct a visual termite inspection above and beyond Australian standards. We will check your property both inside and out; all accessible areas including the roof void, subfloor space, and outside areas up to 50 metres from your property, or up to the boundary line.


If there are any areas that you are concerned with, talk to your technician and we will have it covered!


Plus, with the latest termite inspection technology that actively targets the tell-tale signs of termites, we will have your property covered from top to bottom.


Peace of Mind

Our technicians go one step further than the rest – all property owners are provided with a comprehensive visual termite inspection report. This electronic report provides results, photos and recommendations from the inspection, all delivered to you on the same day. Plus, our technicians are will answer any questions you may have, so you won’t be left in the dark.


Latest Technology and Tools

Our technicians use specialised industry tools and technology to check your property for signs of termite activity. These include Termatrac, thermal imaging cameras, borescopes, moisture meters and sounding sticks to perform a visual termite inspection to regulated Australian standards AS4349.2-2010.

  • Termatrac device: designed specifically for the detection of termites. Using advanced sensors, we can detect and track termite activity with this non-invasive technology.
  • Thermal imaging camera: this industry-leading device allows our technicians to analyse the wall surface temperature which aids with your termite inspection. 
  • Borescope: a small hole is drilled in your wall void or cavity to investigate suspected termite activity. Approval to drill from property owners is always asked for beforehand.
  • Moisture metre: detects the moisture within the timber in your property. Unusually moist areas generally indicate that further investigation into termite activity is needed.
visual termite inspection with drone for pre purchase building