Termite Inspection


Peace Of Mind Comprehensive Termite Inspection to Australian Standards AS3660.2


Inspection of:



Roof Void

Subfloor (If Accessible)



Moisture Meter


Thermal Imaging

Sounding Stick

Your home is a large investment worth protecting, especially from termite damage. Brisbane Termite and Pest Control recommend a routine termite inspection to catch termite activity before it becomes a serious problem.

An annual termite inspection can be the difference between a quick-fix solution and thousands of dollars in structural damage. Additionally, inspections ensure that your property is protected from any future termite infestations.

Visual Termite Inspections (AS3660.2)

Each visual termite inspection is carried out by an accredited and licensed timber pest technician. This is essential for any homeowner who wants to protect their property against termite damage and infestation.

Our technicians will perform a comprehensive visual termite inspection (AS3660.20) in, around, and up to 50 metres from your home or up to the boundary line. From roof voids to subfloor spaces and everywhere in between, Brisbane Termite and Pest Control technicians will have your home covered.

We use the latest termite inspection technology that actively targets the tell-tale signs of termites. This includes Termatrac, moisture meters, thermal imaging and most importantly, sounding sticks. In addition, we keep a look out for active hotspots for termite activity in and around your home.

Termite Inspection Report

All timber pest technicians are required to conduct visual termite inspections to Australian standards. Our technicians go one step further – all property owners are provided with a comprehensive visual termite inspection report. This electronic report provides results, photos and recommendations from the inspection, all delivered to you on the same day. Plus, our technicians are will answer any questions you may have, so you won’t be left in the dark.

Areas Inspected

A thorough termite inspection, both inside and out of your property, is crucial to ensure a termite free home. Our termite inspection technicians will check all accessible areas including the roof void, subfloor space, gardens and surrounding structures, such as garden sheds and granny flats.

Plus, your termite inspection also includes a check up to 50 metres from your house or up to the boundary line, so there are no nasty termite surprises marching your way.

Latest Technology and Tools

Our technicians use specialised industry tools and technology to check your property for signs of termite activity. These include Termatrac, thermal imaging cameras, borescopes, moisture meters and sounding sticks to perform a visual termite inspection to regulated Australian standards.

  • Termatrac device: designed specifically for the detection of termites. Using advanced sensors, we can detect and track termite activity with this non-invasive technology.
  • Thermal imaging camera: this industry-leading device allows our technicians to analyse the wall surface temperature which aides with your termite inspection. 
  • Borescope: a small hole is drilled in your wall void or cavity to investigate suspected termite activity. Approval to drill from property owners is always asked for beforehand.
  • Moisture metre: detects the moisture within the timber in your property. Unusually moist areas generally indicate that further investigation into termite activity is needed.

Termite Inspection Tools

Termatrac Device

A Termatrac device specifically designed for the pest control industry using advanced sensors. Detect and track termite activity with non-invasive technology.

Termatrac Termite Detection


The Borescope is a tool used for invasive Termite Inspections and requires drilling a small hole in your wall void or cavity that is deemed necessary for further investigation (of course we will inform you that further investigation is recommended and seek your approval beforehand).

Flir Borescope Imaging

Thermal Image Camera

Industry-leading thermal imaging device. The Thermal imaging camera does not see through walls, it indicates the wall surface temperature which aides with the inspection process.  If unusual wall surface temperature is detected it may indicate Termite activity and further investigation is required.

Flir Thermal Imaging Device

Moisture Metre

The moister meter is used to measure the moister content of the timber and determine if it unusually moist and further investigation is required.

Tramex Moisture Detection Device