Termite baiting is designed to protect structures by eliminating foraging termites around your home. The Trelona ATBS Advance Termite Bait Stations has been developed to allow pest management professionals the opportunity to tailor the most appropriate termite management solution, for any Australian home.

Trelona Installation - New Benchmark in Termite Baitin

Trelona Advance Bait Stations combines the latest research in termite behavior with the most advanced termite bait system to provide:

1. A sturdy and discrete bait station, designed to encourage station interception and feeding
2. A system which can be applied as both a monitoring or an active system, providing year-round protection
3. An advanced bait matrix, containing revolutionary termite bait technology that makes it irresistible to termites
4. The only system, specifically designed to be used in with the Termidor® range of products
Trelona Prior to installation measure


What to expect Prior to installation of Trelona ATBS, a pest management professional will conduct an inspection of your home to determine, what management of termites within your home is required, what remedial steps may be required, and the most appropriate installation and management plan for your home and circumstances.
On installation, ATBS stations will be installed around your home, at approximately 3-metre spacings. Your pest management professional will then identify the required inspections period, which may vary from one to six-monthly intervals, depending on the level of activity, sites risks and the type of system to be installed (monitoring vs. active).
Trelona Concrete Installation
Trelona ATBS Inground Installation

Trelona Advance Bait Stations and Termidor – Combined protection, unmatched piece of mind

The unique advantage of Trelona ATBS is that it can be used in combination with Termidor Residual termiticide and insecticide and Termidor HE high-efficiency termiticide.
Termidor has been the most trusted name in termite control since 2002 and has been the benchmark for termiticides in the Australian market. This trusted technology can now be combined with the most advanced baiting system available.
Due to termite risk or construction design, a combined treatment may provide the most adequate and thorough protection for your home (Figure 1). Where required or in instances where additional “piece of mind” is desired, your pest management professional may design a treatment plan combining the power of these two trusted technologies.
Trelona Complete Protection